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Labour Party members will be key to reconnecting with the communities we must win back at the next general election.

That’s just one of the reasons I back Open Selection so that you get to choose who you want to be your Labour candidate at each and every election.

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10 next steps to democratise our Party

My commitment to Open Selection is one of ten proposals I have made to strengthen grassroots members’ say.

If I am deputy leader, members will be in the driving seat in deciding how we best democratise our party.

1. Enable members to select their candidates for all elected positions through open selections at all levels.

2. Ensure the sovereignty of annual conference and guarantee that all policies achieving an agreed threshold at Annual Conference are in the party’s manifesto.

3. Work with CLP and trade union representatives to devise a new policy-making process to replace the National Policy Forum, with a genuine bottom-up process that harnesses the knowledge and expertise of grassroots members and trade unions and makes much better use of digital engagement.

4. Guarantee that a Women’s Conference with policy-making powers occurs annually and separately from Annual Conference, and facilitate such conferences for BAME, Disabled, LGBT+ and young members where desired.

5. Properly resource our equality structures so all oppressed groups have opportunities for proper democratic involvement and can play a full role in the party at all levels.

6. Reform the rules on electing Labour’s leadership to stop the Parliamentary Labour Party acting as gatekeepers to who is on the ballot paper.

7. Direct election by Labour Party members of Labour Council group leaders to help ensure greater interest and engagement in local government.

8. Increase representation for both constituencies and trade unions on the national executive committee.

9. A new national student body that secures maximum involvement of student members. Work with Young Labour to provide the support they need to engage young members, including through fully functioning regional Young Labour committees.

10. Invest in digital tools and technical support, so that CLPs can properly engage with their members using a range of channels, bringing the party into the 21st century.

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